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Website & Video // Shadow Wireless

A jewelry-like high-design wireless headphone at a low price needed an exceptional launch. I designed and directed a microsite that balanced elegant design and an authentic lifestyle, a product video that functioned as a website autoplay header, and an early bird influencer campaign.


This innovative wireless headset had a great sound, low price, and fantastic look and feel. We made a fashion/lifestyle/design product page reminiscent of the packaging: interspersing rows with sleek renderings and product features with rows of casual, urban lifestyle photography demonstrating some of its versatility reinforcing SOL REPUBLIC’s Bay Area tech+culture credibility.

The original site included some light parallax scrolling effect and was beautifully responsive, with reduced mobile content. The landing page for the influencer campaign led with the autoplay video, which was then added to the product page after a few weeks.

Senior designer: Nina Luong • Lifestyle Photographer: Ben Lebovitz


his short video autoplayed in the background of the homepage header (and thus needed to function silently, despite demonstrating a quality music experience). I was product lead on the scrappy five-person video shoot that executed our vision, ensuring that in addition to the glam lifestyle and storytelling, we shot subtle angles that showed product well and demonstrated product features (jewelry-like design, all-day battery life, ability to take calls, etc.) It was pretty exhilarating to shoot an “all-day” story in one fast-moving day, and we could not have asked for a more dramatic dusk at Venice pier.