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Branding // ProUnitas

Houston-based nonprofit ProUnitas provides school administrators and counselors with a holistic understanding and of their students’ needs and connects them with the resources to help.
The new mark for ProUnitas I made to be an evolution from the nonprofit’s original purple and pink “lotus” mark. The “Stellaflora” combines a (Texas) star with a single-line knotwork flower, both at a dynamic ‘moving forward’ angle. The mark contains ten colors that make up a continuous spectrum, including the colors of the brand’s preexisting illustrations. The color scheme signifies diversity and inclusion and a bright positivity (against the darkness in which society often casts all sorts of underprivileged groups.

ProUnitas’ main product is a superpowered Salesforce-based CRM for schools they called PurpleSense. I worked out with them how they wanted to handle this product’s branding in terms of its relation to the overarching brand and ultimately landed on a brand extension that left space for more as they expanded their offerings.

I developed a brand system and made them a style guide with new colors and full typography specs. I included brand elements that used the color scheme to incorporate into their site and marketing materials.

I made the branded color palette with ten tones to meet their brand’s needs because I understood that complex information graphics and data visualizations were a part of their regular outputs. This map of the greater Houston school districts and resources they reach uses the whole set and a few linescreened tints. View the live map here.