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Integrated Campaign // Long Live the Machines

I worked closely with MadwellNYC to develop the Long Live the Machines campaign for Speck, and was responsible for campaign-extension touchpoints. The campaign was not just intended to be disruptive and build brand interest, but also to reinforce product benefits, particularly amplifying the tough protection method in a way that still had Speck’s wink-y personality. Also it served to bring awareness to how the brand was rolling out in packaging — with a bold techy-blue logo mark.

Central to the media plan of the campaign were wheat-pasted wild postings, painted signs and guerrilla video projections in urban areas, and all of the creative for the campaign appeared visually to be a very human pro-tech underground movement, both attention-getting visually and tongue-in-cheek for the emerging cultural discussion about the rise of AI and device love vs. device addiction.

For preroll, we A/B tested two options: a cryptic and delightful campaign video that emphasized all the things a phone is these days (that exceeded the average of viewers watching through to the end because of its growing mystery), and one made through partnering with Gothamist that much more directly addressed Speck’s military-grade drop-proof protection.

Campaign credits: MadwellNYC — Chris Sojka, Laura Ethridge, Frank Kortyka, Anna Lindell
Campaign extensions

I was responsible for extending and connecting the campaign to our brand’s event presence. I worked with the field team to develop a script that tied it to product benefits in field trainings, and made themed variations for activations at the Color Run and with the Brooklyn Nets (we sponsored them, and a high proportion of the out of home placements were in NYC).

For the largest campaign extension, I themed the CES 2014 booth to have its disruptive look and feel. Find out more about that project here.