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Event Activation Campaign // #makeyourspark

Speck bought a “builder-level” sponsorship and was the “Official case of” the Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th Anniversary celebration. I worked with the industrial design director to make a special edition commemorative CandyShell iPhone case given to attendees (iPhone 4 was far and away the dominant smartphone models used in San Francisco).

I concepted a way to increase the value and reach of the activation, and in a team effort with George P. Johnson agency, we worked out the logistics. It was Speck’s first social-media activation, and it generated over 100,000 impressions and won a Brand Activation Association Reggie Award.

Speck employees roamed the celebration with a card explaining the simple way to get a free limited edition case. We had attendees create our logo out of anything they wanted, shoot a picture, and hashtag it #showyourspark to social networks. In our 10’x20′ tent, we had displays with the hashtag feed and printed the entries through networked instaprinters. People wanting to redeem their case would find their image and add it to a mural of the instant printouts, which grew more varied as the day went on.

The constant flurry of activity at this small booth only helped draw more people to it. We hoped the 800+ participants of this activation would have positive memories of the day and associations with the brand, plus if they used the case or gave it to a friend, a story to tell.