I am a creative director and design thinker with 20 years experience of design, branding and marketing experience in consumer electronics, nonprofit, social gaming, EdTech, and Health Tech sectors. I love brand building, connecting with and learning from a brand’s user base, continuous learning, creative ideation and strategic execution.

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working with owen

Owen was our second designer at Clover and was instrumental in developing the brand and leading the marketing design efforts.

I worked closely with Owen throughout our intense open enrollment selling season. He pushes for perfection, but understands when tradeoffs need to be made to meet timelines and move quickly.

Owen is also passionate about defining culture. His calm and peaceful demeanor is a welcome addition in a high-paced environment.

Louisa Henry

Director of Product Specialists, Airtable

To work along side a genuine creative talent is truly good fortune . . . and that’s how I view my time working with Owen. His unique, creative style and solution-based approach to marketing was pivotal in delivering growth and traction for our brand and products. Owen is a transformational leader and his design team thrived under an intellectual and collaborative environment. Further, Owen sought to support our field team in an influential way – by seeking to understand the retail environment; identifying opportunities in a competitive landscape, and producing collateral and merchandising to help establish our place in a cluttered field of products. Owen tackled each assignment with a sense of urgency, passion and thoughtfulness and made the creative process an inclusive and productive collaboration . . . and his contribution was instrumental in establishing the playful design, fun and recognizable brand we are today.

Terri Rago

Director of Field and Channel Marketing, Speck

Owen’s brilliance is unparalleled. From print design to brand strategy, his willingness to go one-step more, one-step beyond is only matched by his knowledge of trivial pop culture and British indie music.

Working with Owen is a joy, because you not only can collaborate on projects, but feel you’re getting someone with not just the knowledge, but the know-how, too.

Kyle Duford

Digital and E-commerce executive, Elevar

To say Owen would be a big catch for any organization is a vast understatement. Personally very sincere, thoughtful, and earnest to help his coworkers, Owen moreover is a truly gifted designer, thinker, and collaborator. I worked alongside him at a Medicare health insurance startup on a small marketing team, and though Owen’s specific role was Senior Designer, he lent on-the-spot project management skills to produce down-and-dirty marketing campaigns on tight timelines. When working with Owen, one has the feeling they’re being listened to, having their viewpoint authentically considered in depth. Owen’s professional skillset becomes evident immediately upon working with him. What’s more, I have Owen to thank for my introduction to mindfulness practices, as he was solely responsible for developing a daily meditation at our company, which was a staple part of several coworkers’ days and work-life balance. Owen is professionally talented, but more importantly, is truly his brothers’ and sisters’ keeper.

Brian Gilton

Senior Writer, Dropbox