Activation + Engagement Design // “I AM”

Activation + Engagement Design // “I AM”

In the months leading to Grace Hopper Celebration 2017, where the new brand was debuted, I brainstormed with the team ways of increasing personal connection to the brand and mission. The resulting I AM campaign was a great success.

Keynote Opening Video

The first part of the activation the attendees saw was this “seed” video at the start of the opening keynotes, produced with the help of Jennifer Jeffrey of Secret Sauce and Behrmannthomsen. This opened up the inspiring idea of self-identifying as more than just a job title, but with a fuller identity, intention, vision or ambition. Although attendees had seen the new branding on signs, this was their initial introduction to some of the ideas behind the mark. 

On the Keynote stage

GHC17 Keynote emcees and speakers each had a section of their stage time where they held aloft a giant rendition of our logo, and turned it around to be a handwritten sign with a variety of ”I am“ statements. While the initial plan was that the keynote speakers would write them (as attendees would be doing), it became clear that writing at this scale well was going to need to be carefully done. I wrote most of these onsite, due to many things coming together at the 11th hour, but varied the lettering styles so that they felt like individual voices.

For GHC attendees

This activation was intentionally non-pushy. There were many opportunities for attendees to write a statement, and some took them home, while others took a selfie and left them with us. I heard many attendees talk about how going through this exercise helped them think more widely about their role and opportunity. On the right, I was gratified to see that the whole of the Senior Women’s Executive Forum wrote I AM statements together; some of my coworkers had been worried the new branding might not work for this segment of our audience. 
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The I AM wall 

Before the closing keynotes, we hung hundreds of them in the entry arch to the keynote hall. There were really great reactions to seeing all of these voices together like this, and many attendees took the time to read and be inspired by the chorus of voices, or write one and add it in.

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